Butter biscuits are an all time favorite a very popular cookie or biscuit , especially among children

Price List

Mint Chocolate $12.95
Choco Chips $9.50
Almond Chips $13.90
Cruch Nuts $20.15
Cookies Cruncht $15.05
Nut Cookies $12.95
Melted Choco $14.75
Cinnamon $08.85
Karachi $12.95

………………And many more to choose from
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Our Best Menus

Mint Chocolate

(price $2.95)

Melted Choco

(price $12.95)

Cookies Crunch

(price $12.95)

Almond Chips

(price $12.95)


(price $12.95)

Cruch Nuts

(price $12.95)

Choco Chips

(price $12.95)


(price $12.95)

Nut Cookies

(price $12.95)

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